"Puddle Pieces lies at the intersection of rudimentary and advanced technologies to render a product that is high quality, totally unique, and effortlessly balances sophistication with play."


Hi, I'm Gio!

I am the founder and sole fabricator/designer of Puddle Pieces.
In 2020, mid pandemic, I quit my job in construction project management after 5+ years in the industry.  
(Just an FYI... The construction industry in Miami is toxic and I reached my breaking point with the stress.)
After quitting, I spent the month of September in bed recovering from the burn out with no savings and no plan. 

I started @puddle_pieces as an arrow shot in the dark. A last hope to use my creativity and skills that I had developed in architecture school before facing the music and returning to the career I grew to hate. 
I used the last $500 I had to make 2 mirrors. The plan was to gift the mirrors to taste makers in exchange for images and an IG post. 
To my total surprise, that arrow flew truer than any shot I have ever made since deciding to go to architecture school in 2009. ⭐️

Today I’m standing in my little office recounting what an amazing year I have had in total gratitude.
I’ve worked harder than I have ever worked in my life and have made just over 200 mirrors so far. Most importantly, I have never felt more aligned with my true self.
Thanks to all of you for making this dream a possibility. Thank you for seeing me and loving my work.
With love,
Gio. 🤩


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